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Activity Details

Session 2.5. Data bases and data sharing
Date: Wednesday 21 October
Time: 14.30 - 16.00 h.
Session type: Scientific Session
Room: ECC Room 2 (Ground Floor)
Organizer: Scientific Committee


Prof. Jürgen König
Department of Nutritional Sciences. University of Vienna. Austria.
Approaches for meal pattern analysis


Dr. Heléne Bertéus Forslund
University of Gothenburg. Department of Internal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition. Gothenburg. Sweden.
Dietary survey data and their scientific use


Dr. Liisa Valsta
National Institute for Health and Welfare. Nutrition Unit. Helsinki Finland.
Novel concepts for harmonizing and sharing study data: The BioSHaRE and Maelstrom Research approaches


Dr. Isabel Fortier
Department of Medicine. McGill University. Montreal. Canada.