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Abstract guidelines



Both, Organising and Scientific Committees of the Conference, cordially invite participants involved in Nutrition Research to submit abstracts either for oral presentation or for poster presentation.


1. One of the authors must be registered in the Conference by September, 4th, 2015.

2. The number of authors should be limited to 10 per abstract, including the main author or presenter.

3. An e-mail address is compulsory in order to receive information about the abstract sent on-line.

4. The main author must appear in first place on the list of authors submitted to the website.

5. Only those abstracts not presented in other conferences or journals will be accepted.

6. The author/s will indicate the format in which he/she/them would like to present the abstract (oral or poster). However, the Scientific Committee will decide the final format of the abstract (oral or poster).

7. The abstract submission will be done under the complete acceptance of all these criteria. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to reject any abstract, if it is not adapted to any of these criteria.

8. Abstract acceptance or rejection will be notified by e-mail as from the 30th June, 2015. Presentation criteria and other details will also be sent in that notification.

9. Maximum two abstracts per first author.


All abstracts must contain:

Title: 15 words maximum, in sentence case and bold letters

Author's names: main author/presenter must be included among the authors and underlined.

Affiliations of the authors must be included.

Keywords: 5 keywords maximum.

• The abstract must not contain more than 300 words maximum.

We advise that the abstract should be submitted using the following headings:

• Introduction

• Objectives

• Method / Design

• Results

• Conclusions

• Keywords


1. Abstracts will be gathered in thematic areas for assessment and scheduling.

2. Authors must state the THEMATIC AREA in which they will like to present their abstract at the time of submission.

3. The Scientific Committee will always try to respect the author's choice of thematic area. However, this is subject to changes in order to achieve a balanced scientific programme.

4. The thematic areas are:

1. Food and nutrient intake, dietary patterns, dietary guidelines.

• Global view on food and nutrition situation (IUNS)

• Critical micronutrients in Europe: iodline, folate, vitamin D, including DRIs

• Evidence-based dietary guidelines

• Recommendation on non-nutrient components (Erdman)

• Dietary patterns in Europe

2. Advances in dietary studies, methodology and design.

• New statistical methods do derive intake data

• Design of intervention studies

• Food metabolome and dietary biomarkers

• Data bases and data sharing

• New methods for food intake

3. Metabolic Diversity.

• Advanced phenotyping including metabolimics and imaging

• Linking genotype to phenotype

• Systems biology approaches to nutrition

• Microbiomes and human nutrition

• From animals models to the human population

4. Nutrition, public health, chronic diseases.

• Diet in cancer prevention and therapy

• Diet and neurodegenerative diseases

• Dietary needs of old people (malnutrition)

• The "state of the art" of salt

• Population-based interventions - what works? (incl. Obesity, DM, etc.)

5. Food quality, food safety, sustainability, consumer behavior and policy, effective communication strategies for behavioral change.

• Behavioral regulation (nudging)

• Food and consumer policies

• Sustainable food systems

• Food safety and risk perception

• Food innovations


Web Submission

All abstracts will be submitted on the following website, according to the above-mentioned criteria:

For further information regarding abstract submission via the website, please contact the Technical Secretariat by e-mail stating on the concept: FENS Conference Berlin 2015.

Once you have sent your abstract via the website, check that you have received a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive any confirmation or if you have any other problem with the submission procedure, please send an e-mail to:


1. Abstracts must be written in English.

2. The document must be compatible with Microsoft Word 95 format, using Arial font 10 pt.

3. The text must be left-justified and without blank spaces between lines or paragraphs.

4. TITLE, AUTHOR, KEYWORDS etc must be in sentence case and bold letters, followed by colon (:).

5. Only standardised abbreviations will be allowed. Any abbreviation should be explained in brackets the first time it appears in the text.

6. Please review the abstract carefully before submitting it.


Oral Presentations:

Details for each abstract presentation will be given later with the acceptance.

General rules for poster presentations:

A Virtual Poster Exhibition Area will be arranged from the first day of the conference. The use of the official poster template will be optional (templates will soon be made available on the website).

The submitted poster shall be in PowerPoint Presentation format, with the following dimensions: 50.8 cms. tall x 28.58 cms. wide. These specifications shall be followed carefully, as those not adjusted cannot be properly presented. The poster should not exceed 10 Megabytes.

In case of technical problems please contact