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Activity Details

Session 4.10. Nutrition and health throughout life-cycle - the role of grain products
Date: Tuesday 20 October
Time: 16.30 - 18.00 h.
Session type: Scientific Session
Room: Convention Hall Section A/B
Organizer: Healthgrain Forum


Prof. Gabriele Riccardi
Federico II University. Naples. Italy.
Health benefits of cereal foods and components in our daily diet - an overview


Prof. Gabriele Riccardi
Federico II University. Naples. Italy.
Cereal fibre and psychological wellbeing in young and middle-aged adults


Dr. Clare Lawton
School of Psychology. University of Leeds. United Kingdom.
Cereal fibre and wholegrain - impact on gut microbiota and health


Dr. Nathalie M. Delzenne
Nutrition and Metabolism Research Group/Louvain Drug Research Institute. Catholic University of Louvain. Brussels. Belgium.
Science based health messages to consumers and effective ways for increasing wholegrain consumption


Prof. Inge Tetens
National Food Institute. Technical University of Denmark. Denmark.